We’re back!

We are back. 19 of us went to see ‘NHS-The Musical’ recently and thoroughly enjoyed both the show and the ‘going back to the theatre’ experience.

The club is smaller and I am getting older. 13 years in the job now so I need an easier life please! We are therefore updating our modus operandi and relying more on technology. We have successfully trialled online bookings using a combination of email and online banking. To accommodate this preferred method of working we have revised the booking form. This form will be specific to the shows on offer for that season’s programme.

The autumn booking form is available for your use and accompanies the autumn programme. You will see shows and deadlines are much more immediate.

If it really is not possible to use the online method then posting the cheque for the total of all the shows on the booking form is still acceptable. Note that SAE’s are no longer required since tickets will be handed out when boarding the coach. Individual booking slips have been replaced by the new seasonal booking form.

Like many other organisations the club is using email communications which will enable us to ensure our email, phone and address details are up-to-date. Any updates, last minute shows, etc. will be announced only by email (using MailChimp), Facebook and the website.

Only the seasonal newsletter, programme and booking form will be physically posted out to those without the technology. If there are any last minute changes to coach arrangements we will ensure that you have been contacted by email or phone.

I will be announcing our overdue AGM soon but there is much to do before hand.

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