Ticket Secretary Leaves

A stark message from the current club committee: "The club will not be able to function without more members participating in its efficient operation."

Lorraine, unfortunately, will not be able to continue with her job as 'ticket secretary' because of family commitments. She will remain on the committee.

My wife, Jan, will be temporarily doing this job but we need someone from the membership to take it on 'permanently'.

The club plans to take steps to make the job less demanding and implement some on-line automation. This does imply the necessity of being IT literate.

We need folks to come forward as soon as possible - well before the AGM in the New Year (ideally after the new programme has been published later this month).

If no one volunteers we will then have to call an emergency meeting with one possible resolution that the club folds, which would be a huge shame since we've been going since 1948!

Some come on folks - join in the fun and participate in the running of the club. Please e-mail me: nick@shtcc.uk or phone 852916

Best wishes

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